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Welcome to the Actors Workshop Spain!                                                           Versión en Castellano

The Actors Workshop Spain is the first and only official Ivana Chubbuck school in Spain.  Look out for upcoming intensives Chubbuck technique during 2016 and 2017 in Barcelona and Spain. 

The Actors Workshop Spain was created in 2004 to provide actors with the opportunity to study on a weekly basis in an international multi-cultural and creative environment. All classes are given in English/Spanish, although basic knowledge of English is required.

If your are serious about becoming an actor and you are willing to dedicate time and effort with a strong determination to achieve it, then the Actors Workshop is your school. We invite you to read some of the testimonials of our alumni. 

 Chubbuck Technique workshops in Barcelona


   - 2 day intensive workshop 28/29th January 2017 (English/Spanish)

   - Beginners Workshop (English/Spanish)

   - PRO Workshop (English)


 I am pleased to welcome you and to be part of making your dream come true. Hope to see you soon. 


Frank Feys

I sand it with Meisner and paint it with Chubbuck!

  • "If you want to learn from someone who is dedicated and passionate to develop your ability as an actor, then work with Frank. But come prepared, work hard and be committed. It's ..."
    Marc Dennis

"I am proud that Frank Feys is an accredited teacher of the Chubbuck Technique.  

He has an amazing facility to understand human nature, as he empowers his students to find their way in the arts." 

Ivana Chubbuck

"Estoy orgulloso de que Frank Feys es un profesor acreditado de la técnica Chubbuck.

Él tiene una increíble facilidad para entender la naturaleza humana, ya que le da poder a sus estudiantes para encontrar su camino en las artes ".